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About us
 About the company
 About the Russian company
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About the company
SICHUAN XILIN IM/EX CO., LTD was established in May 2008. SICHUAN XILIN IM/EX CO., LTD experienced importing woods from Russia for more than 8 years. On May 6th 2008 Sichuan Xi Lin Im/Ex Co., Ltd signed contract with Tomsk Wood Industury Co., Ltd to establish Joint Wood Processing Venture with 4 000 000 $ US collective investment fund, where Tomsk Wood Processing Co., Ltd holds 51% of the stock and Sichuan Xi Lin Im/Ex Co., Ltd holds 49 % of the stock. Average amount of imported woods is 100 000 m3 per year. We specialize in timber harvesting, wood processing, birch and aspen veneer. We also exports some other products as follows: All kinds of wood processing equipment and wood-based panel equipment to produce particleboard, medium density fiberboard, oriented strands board, fuel wood particles equipment, etc. Timber transport and harvesting equipments such as timber loading trucks, bulldozers, loaders, etc. Construction materials such as float glass, cement, gypsum board, etc. Turn-key projects of steel structure plant: our company can provide full series of service from plant designing to start-up production. We can supply as well different kinds of building materials and wood processing products according to the customers’ requirements.

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