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 About the Russian company
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About the Russian company


Russian Tomsk Timber Industry Company is located in West Siberia, Tomsk Region. Tomsk Region was founded in 1600, covering an area of 314,000 square kilometers and a nearly 1,000,000 population (where 500,000 live in the city of Tomsk). In Tomsk Region there are 17,000,000 hectares of forest area, 62% of the entire forest area of Tomsk Region is timber reserves (about 26 billion cubic meters) where more than half is the coniferous forest and 73% of the broad-leaved forest is mature forest. All over the region the area of recoverable forest equals to 1,500,000,000 cubic meters. Every year the amount of timber harvesting goes up to 27,500,000 cubic meters what does not damage the ecological balance of environment.
Russian Tomsk Timber Industry Company has got the strong support of the Tomsk State government and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce Resources Board, the State Forest Administration and other departments. People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce, State Forest Administration and other relevant official departments several times examined the company's work. At present, Tomsk Timber Industry Company and Resources Bureau of the Russian Federation signed contract for timber harvesting of 500,000 cubic meters (500000m3) per year for a lease period of 49 years. Now the actual amount of timber harvesting of Russian Tomsk Timber Industry Company equals to 280,000 cubic meters (280000m3).
Russian Tomsk Timber Industry Company has already worked out timber harvesting, wood processing and timber exporting systems. At present, Russian Tomsk Timber Industry Company owns 25 hectares of urban freight yard, 4 special railway lines, 12 large cranes, 3 wood processing production lines in Tomsk. The company can load 15-30 wagons of timber every day and up to 400-600 wagons per month. The major woods that are exported to China are: scotch pine, the Korean pine, pine scale, white pine, birch and poplar. The length of the most part of exported wood is 4 meters and length of some part goes to 6 meters. According to the diameter of the timber, can be divided into the main groups of 14-16sm, 18-24sm, 26-34sm, 36sm and above. Russian wood quality standards are equal to China's timber Principal and Russian national standards of other materials are equal to Chinese. In addition, poplar and birch are 20sm in diameter and more, and the heart of the wood is no more than 30% of the diameter.

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